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Colorful stacked liner look

This is a simple look for the season, recommended by Beno, MAC Singapore’s Senior Artist. 

Color is in, but it can be quite daunting trying to decide how to wear a bright blue or fuchsia or green on the eyes without looking completely bonkers or just unlike yourself. 

The tip is just to wear it as an eyeliner, by using a stroke of pencil as a base, and then the right brush (flat, firm, angled brush) to gently dab powder shadow onto the line. 

The black liner at the base of the lashes is one of the things you should not skip because it will help to define your eyes and stop your lashes from disappearing when you’re wearing bright, strong colors near there. 

Another thing to look out for is a neutral shadow to define your lids and socket line, but you might want to look for something that contrasts with the liner shade you’re using. The color combi Beno recommended was MAC Amber Lights on the lids, followed by Freshwater as a bright blue liner. 

I redid the look the next day using a softer combination in case you want to try it for work or school. I used Patina on the lids, and Bright Fuchsia pigment as liner color. 

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A lot of local photographers nowadays all want to be so different and edgy, but end up being exactly the same. They want models with “unique” looks and appearances but all I see are light skinned girls with big loose curly hair. Where are the kinks, the locs, the baldies, the brown and dark skinned women—where’s the diversity? Where’s your creativity because I’ve seen this same shoot over 50 times already… And I’m no longer impressed.